Finding a place in your home from where you can truly get some work done is difficult unless you planned to have a home office from the beginning.  It is hard to just “carve out” some space in your home for work activities when most people have already commandeered every nook and cranny for other things or storage. That is why the dining room, which people say they never use, has become the defacto home office. Big workspace. No TV. Probably a nice location in the home with a big picture window. Much better than working in a corner in the basement or in a little-used guestroom on the second floor.

If you are considering remodeling your home, in any capacity, think about how the space could also be reconfigured for some other home business activity as well. Whether your are in online marketing, finance, the trades or do consulting of some kind, there might be an opportunity to think outside of the box and create that dream workspace you have always wanted.

Our preference is for spaces that do double duty and we especially like hidden offices that are super functional during the day and hideaway at night. Not many of us work 24/7, nor do we work 7 days a week, but using a space for two functions allows you to receive the maximum amount of benefit from every inch of your home. So many businesses that operate primarily on the phone or online can have a remote workforce that is able to work at home and appear seamless to clients and customers. This works for both the employer and the employee and saves both money…the employer because it doesn’t need to allocate square footage for the employee and the employee because it saves commuting time and the cost to commute which is not insignificant.

Consider incorporating these hidden assets into your next remodeling project. Think about it…creating more space from thin air is a pretty magical thing.